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 Lauren is very skilled in her area of expertise and is continually learning and adding new skills.  She is knowledgeable and tailors a program to the needs of the individual.  Lauren's personality is upbeat and positive and has motivated and inspired me to make fitness and healthy eating part of my life.  

Lauren carries this same energy and enthusiasm to all aspects of her life. She's great to be around and glad to have her as my trainer



"When I joined my first gym, I was absolutely terrified and clueless: all those machines, weights and very fit people walking around intimidating me! I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I wanted to focus on my health and really transform the way I felt about myself, both physically and mentally. I had my doubts and negative feelings about getting a trainer, all I had in my head was the military sergeant stereotype - yelling and making me feel crappy because I couldn't do a push-up. But I thought hey, let me give it a try, at least I’ll get a few tips on how to structure a workout and use some of those machines. 

Enters Lauren! I knew from the first 30 minutes of our first session that she was not going to put me down for my lack of physical prowess but that she would really be there to support and accompany me through my journey of achieving my fitness goals. And that she did! We worked closely together on my workouts but also on my nutrition (I hate the word diet!). She taught me how to really balance my meals and think about my food as fuel for my body. I learned how to put together simple workouts that targeted my core muscles (and get that booty!). Our workouts were challenging and intense, but she always had words of encouragement when I felt like giving up.  


Lauren is a great trainer and has a great holistic approach to fitness and wellness. I left New York four months ago, and I am counting the days until Lauren takes her business to the international level!" 

- Sahita PA., Gender Officer (Haiti)

 "When I decided to get back to a gym as part of my wellness regimen, I was skeptical of personal trainers.  I had a bad experience in the past & wanted to just take classes, do my own thing. I was offered a free PT session and met Lauren, telling her that I was not interested in purchasing sessions... Just using my free one! After my hour with her, I bought my first of many session packages! Lauren was so sensitive to my fitness needs & goals--lose weight, tone muscles, reduce the risk of injury & also not allowing my workout to overstress my body since I was at the time in a very stressful work environment. She also taught me how to eat better, methods of cleansing my system to reduce water weight & bloating & tips on how to retain muscle mass through diet & all natural supplements. 

I moved out of state about a year ago and sadly had to stop training with Lauren, but I have not gained one pound back because her nutrition & fitness tips were so easily incorporated into my daily routine that I still do them all on my own! Lauren restored my faith in personal trainers and influenced the way I eat & stay fit permanently!"

- Rita P., Yoga Instructor (Miami, FL) 


"I met Lauren in September of 2013.  I was a very out of shape 61-year-old woman.  Almost 5years of still training with her I am strong, in shape and confident.  

Lauren is very dedicated to her clients and helping them achieve their goals.  After assessing your abilities Lauren will develop a program tailored to you and your goals. Lauren is very patient and easy to work with, always encouraging.  She has a broad knowledge base which includes the latest in training methods as well as vitamins, supplements, and physiology.  She is the whole package and after years of working with her, I can say that it is the very best thing I have done for myself in years.  I plan to train with Lauren for a very long time and cannot envision a future without a regular training schedule and this is coming from someone who, prior to working with Lauren, had not been in a gym for longer than I can remember.

Once you begin training with Lauren you will have no regrets."  

Alice P.

Insurance Account Manager (New York, NY)


Lauren helped me to transform my nutrition, lose weight, become more active, and work out in all of 6 months. She was very gentle with me but still hard enough so that I could achieve my goal set forth and not give up! Lauren is such a pleasure to work with. Not only did she train me but she provided advice, education, and expertise in other

"I started working with Lauren when I was 2 months postpartum. At that time I had no idea how I was going to lose the baby weight I had gained during my pregnancy. Lauren was very professional, understanding, encouraging, and reassuring, which as a result motivated me to move forward!!!! 
areas from a holistic approach. 

I am happy to say that I am currently maintaining my weight, building muscle, staying active and living a healthier life because of Lauren. 

Sincerely, a Happy & Healthy Mommy!"

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"I’ve been working with Lauren for a little over a year now and feel absolutely amazing. One of my biggest problems training/fitness-wise is being injury prone after 2 decades of high-level sports that have wreaked havoc on my body. Lauren is wonderful about helping me work around my injuries and keeping me fit and strong despite them. Recently, I had to remove almost all upper body work due to a shoulder injury. Even after 4 months healing, I’ve maintained the tone and muscle mass in my arms and also developed some killer abs while I waited for it to heal.

She has a holistic approach to health/fitness that includes nutrition advice and occasional monitoring (if you need it)! I struggle to get enough calories to balance out my day-to-day activity (nothing drastic, I’m just small and never hungry) and she has really helped me baby step my way eating enough to maintain my weight. She has also spent a lot of time outside of our normal training hours helping me find foods to balance my diet while avoiding some of the less healthy options out there (I have a nut allergy that makes getting sufficient protein in my diet more difficult).

Lauren is both a fantastic trainer and supportive health coach. She is funny and sweet and puts up with my occasional whining (“You want me to do what?!?!”) and calms my somewhat-more-than-occasional panic attacks (“I ate a cupcake I feel so guilty….will my abs be gone tomorrow?”). No matter what your goal is Lauren can help you get there!"

-Andrea O., Supervisor, Digital Data and Analytics (Midtown, NYC)